Welcome to Our Reputation Branding Videos Beta

What is this all about?
Simply put, we can take any 5-Star reviews you received for your business, in either written, audio or video form, and turn into professionally produced Videos that promote your Brand and Reputation, so when people search for your business online, they see these 5-Star Review Videos on Google search.
These videos become the long term assets of your company, sitting on the internet, working day and night as your PR person or Sales agent, help you promote your business and get more customers!
Click the Videos below to watch a few 60-second Review Branding Videos that have been produced for major companies such as: Tiffany & Co, Geico Insurance, Tesla Motors, Hilton Hotel, as well as other local businesses and schools.
Below is a Review Video for a great local school:

Here is another video produced for a Dentist:

Below is another Video produced for Geico Insurance:

Now imagine when people look for your business and they see videos like that about you!

Introducing… Our New Effective Marketing Strategy: Reputation Videos — to Help Boost Your Online Reputation and Increase Your Business!

These 45-60 second videos are a powerful reputation and branding strategy because we:

  • Use professional spokes models
  • Use your office background as if it was shot on location
  • Professionally produce and brand each video to position you as a market leader
  • Promote your reputation by highlighting a 5-Star review you have received
  • Syndicate and broadcast to major Video Sharing and Social Media sites

These Review Branding Commercials would typically cost you thousands to produce, but since we have opened this new program for businesses in local area and we offer it at a fraction of the cost.
If you want us to produce a Reputation Video for your business, please visit our website and fill out a Client Intake Form at: http://ApexProfitSolutions.com/local/

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